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Appendix C

The romanisations o Chinese names in this book are given without
aspirate and tone marks. For the convenience of scholars, Chinese
names are given here to help in their identification. I have abandoned
the use of the atrocious "hs" and always spelled "sh" instead. The
umlaut mark above u is dispensed with except in shii.

Brief terms of relationship indicate the person's relationship to Su
Tungpo. Where exact dates are not available, "d" stands for "died",
and "c" stands for circa or "about". Ages are given according to
Western reckoning.

Chang Chun (d. after iioo, age 70), chief

persecutor of Yuanyu officials
Chang   Chung,   magistrate   at   Hainan,

Chang Fangping (1007-1091), friend of

Su family, high minister
Chang Lei (1052-1112), disciple, poet
Chang Yuan, son of Chang Chun and

disciple of Su

Chao Lingshih, friend and memoir writer
Chao Ku, friend at Huangchow                             -fj|   f5t -

Chao Pien (1008-1084), old minister, fence                S   tl* -


Chao Puchih (1053-1110), disciple, writer                fi,$83l -

Chao Tuanyen, father of Puchih, friend                  f&357t *

Chen  Shiang   (1017-1080), poet, friend,                fefc   H -

magistrate of Hangchow
Chen Shihtao (1053-1101), disciple, poet
Chen Tsao, great friend
Cheng Chiahui, friend during exile
Cheng Chihtsai, commissioner, brother-in-